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Recipes for Good Food Habits

Sunshine Toast

Andrea 0 2204
Eggs and toast with a twist! This recipe bakes the egg and toast together. Your kids will love them! I have taken this recipe from '30 Healthy things to Cook and Eat' by Usborne books. This is a boxed set of recipe cards for kids to cook with. It has some

Apple and Mustard Sauce

Andrea 0 1859
This is a healthy fantastic sauce for potatoes, sausages and chicken. The recipe came about after I was looking for inspiration for something new for dinner. The original recipe called for cider and marmalade - of which I had neither. So I improvised and

Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

Andrea 0 1704
Chocolate, sauce and pudding what more do you need? My 5 year old likes making this – it does get a bit over mixed but he feels very proud. I take charge with the boiling water.

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