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Lunch Box Snack Suggestions

Lunch Box Snack Suggestions
When kids open their lunchboxes they are often thinking ‘What can I eat quickly so that I can go and play?’ 

Food is not their priority but as parents we want to make sure they have enough fuel to keep them going through the day. It can be really frustrating opening a lunch box to find it still two thirds full. Help your kids eat better at school by making their snacks appealing and easy to eat. 

If you are anything like me, mornings are chaos so I spend a little time at night getting lunches ready and the complete lunch bag goes in the fridge ready for my child to grab and add an icepack. 

Olives, Pickles, Gherkins
Salami, bier sticks
Dried fruit and nut mix (if nuts are ok at school)
Toasted pita wedges
Vegetables – snow peas, baby corn, mushrooms, carrot sticks, celery sticks, capsicum sticks, tomato wedges, cucumber chunks
Fruit pieces
Sushi – can replace sandwiches too
Slice of loaf eg feijoa loaf

Keep these foods safe with an icepack:
Hummus or dip
Hard boiled eggs, peeled
Cheese sticks or cubes

Small pieces of fruit are more appealing than a whole apple or orange. Kids don’t want to peel things. Remember they want to eat and run. 

Cut an apple into quarters and remove the core.
Halve or peel feijoas, tamarillos and kiwifruit.
Chop up melons, pineapple, oranges and persimmons.
Make a mini fruit salad.

To stop fruit browning add a small splash (½ teaspoon) of juice to the container and swirl through gently.

Tinned fruit is a good substitute for fresh. Drain off most of the juice and put some of the fruit into a small container.

These snack suggestions are just as suitable for adults as for children.


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