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Following My Own Advice

  • Andrea
  • Health
  • 3/3/2014 10:54:00 AM
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Following My Own Advice

No glamour photo here. A little bit posie maybe but I couldn't let our triumph pass without a photo.

Yesterday I experienced my first boxing circuit class. I have to say I was REALLY nervous. I'd never even picked up a pair of boxing gloves in my life. I got talked into it by a dear friend. I also thought that if I am talking to my clients about trying out new physical activities then I had better follow my own advice. So I took note of those nerves and decided to do it anyway. 

What was the worst that could happen at a boxing class? My fears were that I would not be fit enough, that I would look stupid and I would be completely out of my comfort zone. 

I was lucky enough to have the company of two friends who were newbies too so at least we could be nervous together. We turned up early as we weren't sure exactly where to go and didn't want to turn up late to our first class. We found the place easily enough and walked in the door. It was what you would expect a boxing place to look like - a ring, punching bags, mirrors, not at all showy but built for a purpose. Some of our nerves were eased by the friendly instructor who introduced himself as Turtle and explained how it would work. 

Since we were early we had a bit of time to stand around and get nervous again. Especially as the people started arriving - there were some big guys! When I commented about this to my friend she pointed out that there were also lots of other people that didn't look so intimidating. Just goes to show how perception changes your own reality. Once I looked again I realised that there were plenty of other women and men of varying fitness levels and body shapes. Ok maybe I could do this.

Turtle comes out to the class and starts explaining each exercise. The nerves are back in full force now. Some I understand and feel comfortable with others I understood but wish I didn't - pull ups on a bar I'm not even sure I can reach to start let alone pull myself up on, pulling a tractor tyre along the floor with a rope and getting in the ring with the instructor for a brief sparring session! Others I had no idea like how to correctly hit a punching bag What have I got myself into?!

So the music starts and the first minute countdown begins. I'm doing crunchies. I can handle that. I've done plenty of those in my life. Ok so far so good. Times up onto the next station - throwing a medicine ball at the wall and catching it on the rebound with a partner. My partner is one of those huge guys I first noticed walking into the gym. Luckily he is very patient and happy to swap the ball for something a bit more manageable. Again not too bad I can handle this. Timer goes again. Next station hitting a punching bag. Now we are getting into unknown territory. I've been checking out the people in front of me, I think I can copy, sort of. I put my gloves on and start hitting the bag. I am feeling really selfconsious at this point. I have no idea what I am doing, but after a few tips from the person next to me and once I realise that no one is interested in what I am doing, they are way too busy, I relax and get into it. 

As I worked my way around the different stations there were some things I was good at. I realised how much doing yoga has built up my strength and walking has built up my fitness level. There were other things I wasn't so good at but that was ok too. I finished up feeling exhausted but exhilirated. I had tried something new and pushed past my fear and nervousness to try a new activity and found out I really enjoyed it.

This morning I am a bit sore. My thighs hurt the most and my abs are definitely feeling a bit tender but surprisingly I'm not as sore as I thought I would be.

Even though the sport and the idea was really intimidating the people weren't. Everyone was really helpful and supportive. They didn't mind if we were a bit slow or didn't understand what we were doing. They helped us to get the right technique and to keep up. So a huge thank you to Turtle and everyone at Sucka Punch Petone. I'll be back. And a huge thanks to my friends for pushing past the fear with me, and for allowing me to take this photo.


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