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Andrea Palmer 
The Wellington Dietitian Who Doesn't Do Diets.

Eating Well

No diets, no food plan. 

Does interpreting what you should be eating feel like a minefield you can never navigate?

Maybe you've tried multiple diets and the weight-loss you've worked so hard for keeps coming back, with extra. Perhaps you want to avoid the dieting treadmill altogether. Perhaps you want to work towards feeling better about your body.

That's where Wellington Dietitian, Andrea Palmer, can show you how the Non-Diet approach can set you free from dieting.

Food was never meant to be this hard. Food can provide nourishment in so many ways that we miss out on when we are restricting. Learn how to feed yourself in a way that nourishes your body and mind. 

Andrea incorporates Health At Every Size(R), mindful eating and body positivity in her sessions to help guide you to a better understanding of your body and health.

There is so much information available about what you should eat. Andrea will teach you the structure of eating so that you can trust your own food and lifestyle decisions.

Family Feeding

Family meals can be stressful. Whether it’s a fussy eater or a child that doesn’t eat enough or eats too much, as parents we worry. Let Andrea help you take the worry out of family meals.

The more we push our children the more resistant they become. Learn meal time strategies that work with your child rather than against them while helping everyone to enjoy meals and develop into competent eaters.


Food Habits - Lower Hutt, Wellington. 

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Introduction to Food Habits from Andrea Palmer